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One question I get asked frequently is “should I have a website of my own?”. For those of you who are asking yourself this question, here’s an article that will show you the advantages and disadvantages of having your own website.

Helps with advertising – If you have your own website that you’re advertising with, you don’t need to worry when other affiliates are promoting the same website as you. This is because you have your own website address that you’re using, and Google will always allow your website’s advertisements to be displayed.

Can cut advertising costs – If you have a website of your own, you can use it to help cut your advertising costs by putting advertisements on your website such as AdSense or paid banners. So if your advertisements pay you $1.00 for every 100 visitors you send to your website, that’s a $0.01 deduction per visitor on your advertising costs.

Can promote multiple products – With your own website, you have the ability to advertise multiple products on your site. This way you can show more products to your visitors so they can easily compare two or more similar products and sometimes they may even buy both products.

Can start a newsletter – You have the ability to start your own newsletter with a website of your own. A newsletter can be as simply as emailing your subscribers once a month to tell them about new tips or products available. Many people use newsletters to generate a new source of income.
There are, however, some disadvantages with having a website of your own.

Maintenance – Although most websites don’t require too much maintenance, you’ll still need to be able to make a few changes every now and then. So some basic web programming skills are required.

Costs – With nearly all websites you’re required to pay for website hosting and a domain name (sometimes the domain name is free).

Responsibility – You’ll also be responsible for your website. You’ll need to answer emails people ask or they’ll lose trust in you and you’ll also need to make sure your site is relevant and true, otherwise your site won’t seem legitimate.

If you’re thinking about getting a website of your own, use this information to help you make your decision. Of course, if you don’t know how to design/manage a website of your own there are ways to get around this. If you want a website you can get one of the templates that we’ve built by going to

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